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of entertainment permits in the entire city, so no matter what anybody tells you south of market has the greatest concentration of places of entertainment of permits in the entire city, and they haven't been here for all that long. the night clubs actually began to come into south of market in the mid-80's. it's kind of a consequence of the aids epidemic that with so many deaths, gay bars tended to close, and night clubs began to trickle in taking advantage of the opportunity of a lot of vacant space. south of market kind of went through a cycle for many years it was working class bars going back to the 1850's and going forward. working class bars morph into the gay bars which began to really proliferate in the early 70's and then as i say as the aids epidemic decimated our community when you lose 50 people a week you lose gay bars too. the influx of night clubs was not without conflict. leading to the 1990 rezoning the filipino community took a strong stand they were offended by the impact that night time entertainment was bring to their neighborhood. the alleys around 11th street and the ot
here. i know the people and residents, not just my district, but the entire city. i would be an excellent representative of district 7 but the entire city. i am the number one choice of the democratic party and number 2 chartion of the bay guardian and number 3 choice of the republican party. conservatives, moderates and progressives support me because they trust me. i have a record of putting the city first and demonstrating capacity to work with different viewpoints. as supervisor i will make funding of public safety initiatives which includes training new police and firefighters my number one budget priority. i will make sure that promises made at park merced are kept. make sure that the boat house at lake merced is built with input from the community and becomes a beacon for local residents and their families. i will also make sure there is a real pipeline for students and a local academic institutions. return thousands of jobs that are becoming available as companies seek to improve and move into the city and hire and thrive. my career has been prepared for me for thi
to accept on a daily basis but just because of that doesn't mean we have to ban it in the entire city. i think it's a problem and 12 guys and a two block stretch and suddenly going with the draconian measure in the entire city and can't walk around. we have the critical mass rides and for 20 years naked cyclists have been riding with this and this would be a kink in this and i know you have exceptions and the critical mass ride, those things don't fall under there. am i wrong. >> they're technically illegal but the city allows them. if they go after critical mass there are other ways than nudity but we don't. >> critical mass and people can get together and go on a bike road. it is our roads and we pay our taxes but i think this measure goes too far. in the last years there isn't a nudity ban and now we need one because of a district and business district of four blocks i think goes too far and i am totally opposed to the measure. thank you very much. >> next speaker. >> good morning supervisors. first i wanted to commend supervisor wiener. september 21 i've never been compelled t
about the entire city of oaklanded and their officials. -- oakland and their officials. are they being held accountable. the seem who supervise the cops, everyone in the city of oakland. who manages that police department? >> the police union says it is not advocating they be put under federal control but they could happen if they don't reach an agreement by december 13. >>> $20,000 reward is being offered for information leading leading to the arrest of a suspect in a violent crime spree that left one dead and a police officer injured. police say the suspect is armed and dangerous. kron 4's rob fladeboe has more. >> parked here. probably just going about his business on a friday night and these guys come up, seeing his car he was in. bmw, 23-inch rims, you know, and decided that they would take his car. >> reporter: he fought back tears as he visited a memorial here where his nephew was shot and killed friday night. the victim of an attempted carjacking. >> he was an innocent victim doing what we have done many times, stopping at a store for a soda, coffee, snack, whatever. and he los
it is an issue that affects the entire city. one of the first things i did as supervisor was to call a hearing on how the city works on the abatement of bed bugs and on march 28th we heard from over 100 residents, advocates and affordable housing developers about the impact that this has on people's lives. so, today i'm asking you to support this legislation which would address three main issues. one, the legislation requires the city provide clear and accessible information on how to properly abate bed bug infestation and the rules and responsibilities for tenants, landlords, and pest control operators. two, in doing our due diligence we looked at what other jurisdictions have done to address this issue and decided to include them in our legislation and have decided to include in our ledthtion asian a provision in new york city administrative code. this will require a property owner or property manager to disclose to prospective tenants written disclosure of the bed bug infestation and abatement history only upon request. third, we require pest control operators to report to dph on a monthly
to win, but it's even greater to see good things come out of it for the entire city. >> commissioner moore. >> as a follow-up to comma commissioner antonini was saying, the city looked photo general i can today when you looked at the area of the civic center, when you looked at literally wearing black and orange, overall it was spectacular. so, i think everybody who participated made it happening. we all can pat each other on the shoulder that this came about in a wonderful way. >> all right. commissioners, that will place us under director's report, item 5, director's announcements. >> thank you. good afternoon, commissioners. i ask just wanted to thank several of you for attending the board hearing on tuesday in honor of linda avery herbert. it was a resolution that was passed -- that was proposed by supervisor olague to honor linda for her 32 years of service and named tuesday as linda avery-herbert day in the city. several staff attended as well and i think it was an appropriate honor for linda for all of her service to the city. so, thank you all for attending. that concludes my
centralized organization for the city that we do that for the entire city and i think there is confusion about what we do and compare it across the city to all of the it organizations across the city, every organization that does it, then we could start developing a common understanding, common baseline of what the performance looks like, and when we are satisfied living up to our own expectations and i am happy to tell you and i know we're wondering if we are making progress, and i think externally we are making progress. the city has won seven awards for it excellence this year and we have struggles but we are making progress around mobility and open data and transparency is which are significant and when you talk to other large cities and i work with new york and l.a. and boston and we talk about what we're working on and san francisco is one of the leaders they look up to and how to do it and we are doing things on a national scale people are taking notice of and doing that and i heard a lot of talk, and i come from the private sector so when i first got here one
honored to be considered for this position and look forward to working with you and the entire city family and san francisco families get the time and attention they need to thrive, grow and evolve. our neighborhoods define our city and central to making san francisco one of the best places to live. thank you to joaquin for having the foresight that i have for taking on this new role. i have tremendous shoes to fill and you did a great job and my predecessors and supervisor givein dufty and
and economic diversity that exists throughout the city. i think my district is emblematic of the entire city. you can find every political perspective you can possibly want in district 3. oftentimes, the interests of my district and the city are aligned. i do not have to think about those differences quite as often as some of my colleagues may have to. >> let's talk about the budget situation. we have been faced with some tough budget decisions again, including where to make cuts and whether or not to increase taxes. how will you approached these hard choices? >> our budget is one of the very top challenges facing city government right now. over each of the years i have served, we have had to balance budget deficits that were around $500 million. this year, we're facing another budget deficit of almost $400 million. fortunately in recent years, we have had some ability to do some one-time budgeting tricks that allow us to balance the budget that do not exist this year. in past years, we've received federal stimulus money. we received more monies from the state government. last year our labor
. the death toll, 1 in the working mass community, more than half of the entire city. some have no homes to return to and flooding a major issue red cross response has been flslow d they question the city's priorities. >> they are talking about getting water out of the battery tunnel and preparing for a marathon. we're pulling bodies out. you see the disconnect here? >> nypd and fema are trying to help as many as people. janet napolitano will visit staten island today. >>> health concerns on the rise as the wreckage of sandy piles up in the middle of streets. bridgepo bridgeport, connecticut, the basements of hundreds of homes flooded. now all of the soming wet belongings are lining the streets there. some residents say the musty garbage and seeage brought to the surface by flooding is simply making them sick. >> it's 4:50. live pictures of new york city outside a subway station, and while con edison says most of the power should be restored by tomorrow, there are still problems today. the commute should be slow. and some subway stations are open, it has been a very difficult commute for
often. we announced that the entire city family take time to think about whether the existing laws should apply to the new activity or whether we should create new policies and regulations that apply more appropriately to the activity. we look forward to tackling that with the working group going forward. >> how was the turnout? >> it was a pretty huge turnout. we had about 40 hosts from san francisco, probably more than that. many of them testified. it was an incredibly moving experience. i do not think i have seen a city hearing the was that emotional. people are using this income to pay property taxes if they own their home, pay off their mortgages, pay increasing rents. our cofounders could not afford their increasing rent so they blew up an air mattress in their living room and rented it out to make rent. this is incredibly important as a source of income for our hosts. if you are taxing at 15%, we need to do so thoughtfully. >> what was the treasurer's view? how is it different from yours? >> we do not know what the treasurer's view is. we would love to discuss this collabora
inspectors for the entire city. -- u, this seems to be one of the consequences. carolyn tyler, abc7 news. >>> just ahead, two winning tickets for that power ball drawing. we'll tell you which cities. >>> why former president george herbert walker bush is in the hospital at >>> somebody's dreams are coming true after a couple of people are winners of the 587 million dollar power ball. those two winning tickets were sold in arizona and missouri. the folks haven't come forward yet, they will split the jackpot. t.j. winick has more. >> reporter: a record jackpot of 587.5 million dollars. those winning powerball tickets were bought in arizona and missouri each would get a lump sum pay out of 192 million dollars. after -- at the peak tickets were selling at 130,000 a minute. >> everybody thinks they are the lucky ones. >> reporter: in arizona sales spiked 500% due to influx of players from nevada and california, states that don't sell power ball. anybody come from san diego? >> yeah san diego, l.a.. >> reporter: norma chairman of board of directors says they will help the winners get financial
. [ reading speakers' names ] please come up and go to the mic. don't be shy. you only have the entire city watching. [ laughter ] only. >> good afternoon honorable supervisors and board of ethics commissioners. i'm kristin winn, district 6 youth commissioner and high school student. first and foremost i would like to thank the board of supervisors and board of education for holding this meeting. it's important for high school students and it's important for youth to graduate from high school with resources and for qualifications for going to usc or ucs. also recognizing there are many youth out there who don't know where or how to find their way to resources even if they wanted to. and with this new a-g requirement, students are able to graduate with a guarantee that they will qualify for csus and ucs, but it's very alarming to see there are so many disputes who are off-track on graduating. and i would want my peers to have the support that they need. so if there were more resources, like how these resources were able to help me. we need to make sure that all students have the opportunit
activity and the most housing activity in the entire city. and there is going to be you, that's it. the western soma doesn't exist. [inaudible]. >> any additional public comment? okay. that means the meeting is adjourned. [injuredctionerthv? adjourned] >> hello, i am with the recreation and parks department. we are featuring the romantic park location in your backyard. this is your chance to find your heart in santa and cisco with someone special. -- san francisco with someone special. our first look out is here at buena vista park, a favorite with couples and dog walkers. both have a significant force. a refreshing retreat from urban life. the romantic past that meander up and down the park under pines and eucalyptus. hang out in this environment and you might see butterflies it, fennel, and then the lines. -- dandelions. is ada accessible. public transit is plentiful. we have conquered the steps, we have watched the dogs, and we have enjoyed a beautiful view. this is a place to take someone special on a romantic stroll and enjoyed a beautiful look out. welcome to corona heights l
the career of a man who has served our city for 28 years, who has left us a legacy of which he and the entire city can be proud of. tonight, we celebrate the lifetime achievement of ed harrington. [applause] >> you really have to believe. i will give you my trust. i will give you this authority, but you need to take care of us. that's your job. that is the important challenge. >> 20 eight years is a long time working for any place. i loved working for the city. two things come to mind as biggest accomplishments. one is, just keeping the place running. it's a pretty big accomplishment. if i had to pick one big thing, it would be helping to create the department of aging and adult services. we recognize people who were elderly or having to go to four different offices in the city. we changed it into one department with no wrong door. if you need those kind of services, you can come here. the way city government should work. it was a great thing to happen. i like to solve puzzles. i like to take things that do not work and figure out how to make them work. when i got there, it was the place you
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 662 (some duplicates have been removed)

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